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Workshops offer space and tools to scratch your DIY itch

Learn to use tools and machines from a lathe to a 3-D printer for personal projects, while making new friends and collaborating on your designs. Whether turning a bowl or printing one, it’s easier than ever to get the right tools — and knowledge — for the job.

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'Secret garden' restored at Wright's masterpiece Fallingwater

Eric Kobal stretches across a lush planter to examine a brown leaf on a rhododendron he planted in this garden on the Pottery Terrace at Fallingwater. The sound of running water is never far away here, especially this year as Bear Run, the stream that runs under the famous property, is flowing fast and high after a summer of plentiful rain.

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Designers look abroad for cutting-edge trends

Retailers, designers and architects seeking a cutting edge are heading to international destinations. The most significant design shows in diversity and style are in Paris, Milan, Cologne and Frankfurt. The number of Americans attending these shows about furnishings, lighting, accessories, kitchens and bathrooms has ratcheted up in the last decade or so.


Taking a stand for an updated pedestal sink

Our old vanity bathroom sink needs to be replaced, and I want to replace it with a pedestal sink. Since I am the one who insists on this style, can you please tell me some nice features to look for when choosing a pedestal sink? This way I can make everyone in my family happy with the choice.

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'Conran on Color' distills the design legend's color theory

"Conran on Colour," the latest tome from English designer Terence Conran (who has authored more than 50 books) starts by stating the obvious: "Colour is one of the most dynamic elements in design and decoration." But get past the superfluous intro, and you'll find a full palette of inspiring ideas - in both text and especially image. A few takeaways:

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