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The botany of El Dia De Los Muertos

It is a three-day celebration when the veil between life and death is temporarily drawn aside. What distinguishes the altars erected in homes and graveyards are flowers, the Aztec symbol of sacrifice and the ephemeral nature of life. Three flowers appear time and again in this celebration: the African marigold, cockscomb amaranth and gladiolus.

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Unlocking the secret to hiding a spare key

It’s a horrible feeling: You arrive home and discover that you lost your key. If only you had a spare you could use to gain entry. Actually, there are numerous ways to hide that spare key. Just make sure you make it hard for a burglar to find.

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The hands-free home

The germs are coming! What do you do? Wash your hands, yes. But think of the potential illnesses awaiting you on all the surfaces on the way to the bathroom faucet – including the bathroom faucet. Wouldn't it be great if you could bypass the possibility of cross-contamination by never actually touching fixtures and hardware to make them work?

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Fall is prime time to plant trees in Kansas City

Even the best gardeners can lose loose trees during unusually hot, and dry conditions. Plant pests like insects Pests and diseases can attack at any moment and kill major elements in your landscape, leaving gaping holes in hedgerows, and foundation plantings and other parts of your landscape. Instead of waiting until next year to fill those holes, take advantage of the our excellent planting conditions in fall in Kansas City.

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