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Red, white and Royals: How to decorate with KC pride for the Fourth

Kansas Citians are as patriotic about our hometown baseball team as we are our country. Why not combine our love for both in a combo-themed barbecue bash this Fourth of July? All you have to do is add in some baby blue to the traditional color mix.

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Lee’s Summit artist Tina Garrett takes inspiration from the masters

Earlier this year, Tina Garrett received a $6,000 purchase prize from the Art Renewal Center, an international nonprofit organization dedicated to renewing the classical training and appreciation of traditional art. Most recently, the European Museum of Modern Art in Barcelona named her painting “String of Pearls” one of 40 finalists out of 2,000 submissions of figurative pieces of art from around the world.


Looking for a longer toilet bowl in a shorter space

We just moved into a home with a very small powder room for one of the bathrooms. The toilet in this powder room has a short toilet bowl to allow the door to swing open. I would like a longer bowl toilet installed. Is it possible to fit a longer bowl toilet in this tight space?

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Yardsmart: Mistletoe is a monster inside trees

Episodes of "Monsters Inside Me" on Animal Planet demonstrate how internal parasites can slowly drag a human being down over many years' time. It got me motivated to finally cut the mistletoe out of my big mesquite tree. This weird plant the ancient Celts called "a different twig" is forgotten outside the Christmas season, but in times of drought, it should be a top concern for everyone with trees in the yard. Just as with people, stress can exacerbate the negative effects of parasites, increasing their ability to damage the plant host.

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