Who has been the Royals’ biggest antagonist this season?

Opposing players have expressed their displeasure with the Royals (and their fans in one instance) since April, and in return those guys have seen drawn wrath from the Kansas City faithful. But who has been the Royals’ biggest antagonist this season?


Meet Michael Andrew, the 16-year-old possible heir to the U.S. swimming throne who trains in his Lawrence backyard

If all goes to plan, 16-year-old Michael Andrew of Lawrence will one day be wearing Adidas logos while he piles up Olympic gold medals and becomes America’s next great swimming ambassador — the Next Michael Phelps, perhaps. And if all goes to plan, the Andrew family will silence a litany of doubters and skeptics, proving their way — a homeschooled education, a two-lane training pool in the backyard and a household structured around born-again Christianity — was the right path all along.