Sam Brownback beats Paul Davis, wins second term as Kansas governor

Gov. Sam Brownback’s conservative revolution triumphed Tuesday when he defeated Democratic upstart Paul Davis, becoming only the second Republican governor in Kansas to win re-election in 50 years. Overcoming his slumping popularity and a philosophical split in his party, Brownback returns to the governor’s mansion to mold Kansas into a red-state model for the country.


Secretive groups ran $25 million in ads for state races; Kansas led the nation

Shadowy outside groups broadcast an estimated $25 million worth of political ads on local TV stations with a goal of shaping state-level elections this year, and their full roster of donors is unlikely to ever be known, according to an analysis released Wednesday. The state that saw the most ads from opaque groups was Kansas, where Republican Gov. Sam Brownback prevailed in an uphill contest with Democrat Paul Davis


GOP governors strutting their stuff for 2016

A half-dozen potential Republican presidential contenders spent last week peacocking across the sprawling grounds of a pink-hued luxury resort, schmoozing with donors and sizing up the competition in the party’s most fractured field in decades. They rarely criticized each other in public, but there were subtle jabs.

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