Northern California road trip has plenty to offer

California tourists know big city names such as Sacramento, but a visit to Northern California offers more than one opportunity to enjoy the area. It's a great place for a road trip. Camino, Coloma, Columbia, Jamestown, Placerville, Sonora and Tuolumne County are full of attractions just around the next bend in the road – gas up the car and see what the area has to offer.


Aquaman debuts at Madame Tussauds Orlando

Aquaman now has a home on dry land in Central Florida. A figure of the DC Comics superhero, portrayed on the big screen by Jason Momoa, now stands in Madame Tussauds Orlando, the wax-figure attraction on International Drive.


Charting our own course on a sailing adventure in the British Virgin Islands

It was like something out of an action movie. Silently and with a sense of urgency I didn't yet understand, I jumped off a dinghy and swam through cold waves up to the beach, squeezed through narrow openings between granite boulders, waded across shallow pools, ducked into caves and gingerly descended a series of makeshift ladders, many of the driftwood steps lost to the surrounding sea a long time ago.


Game review: ‘Just Cause 4,’ chaotic good

Avalanche Studios has consistently upped the ante with each entry of "Just Cause" and the latest shift is, essentially, tossing all of the previous upgrades into a weather-powered blender. "Just Cause 4" is using the new Apex engine and the developers are using the engine's power and flexibility to add four extreme weather conditions to the series' high-speed and malleable action.

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What to do if you hit a deer

Between October and December is a peak time for deer to be on the move, crossing the roads and highways in Kansas. The Kansas Highway Patrol has a couple of tips for you if you should hit a deer this fall.

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New enhanced security measures at KCI

Transportation Security Administration officials announced on Friday that KCI has rolled out enhanced security checkpoint measures. The new enhanced electronics screening requires passengers to display all electronic devices larger than a cell pho

Stranded travelers hope to fly out as KCI re-opens

Stranded travelers, like Deb Morrison from Fort Collins, CO, hope to be on flights as the airport resumes service a day after a blizzard and low visibility cancelled flights and forced the airfield to shutdown.