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What’s on my desk: Take a look inside Kansas Rep. Davids’ Wyandotte County office

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What’s on my desk

See the spaces where prominent Kansas Citians do their best work.

When Sharice Davids defeated the four-term incumbent representative of Kansas’ 3rd District in 2018, she made history twice in one night.

“I feel like it’s still a surreal thing to think about,” Davids said. “What it was like to find out that I won and have us literally jumping up and down and screaming.”

She became the first Native American woman — a distinction she shares with Rep. Deb Haaland of New Mexico — to be elected to Congress and the first openly LGBT person to represent the state of Kansas.

Davids said of Halland, “we’ll be friends for the rest of our lives.”

We catch up with Davids in her Wyandotte County office, where she has started to decorate her workspace with a mix of personal mementos and meaningful items from her constituents.

Davids said there may also be an occasional dance break at her desk.