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These 10 new fall TV shows are worthy of a first-night look

Granted, it’s a risky business to rate a new series’ prospects on the basis of its pilot episode, which is typically the only thing critics have to go on. But even if it doesn’t guarantee a great series will follow, a pilot must at least trigger interest at a level to get viewers to return the second week. Here are 10 new series that might catch your fancy.

TV News & Reviews

Emmys leave too much quality TV out in the cold

Monday night, in a parallel universe, Keri Russell will win an Emmy for “The Americans,” narrowly beating Tatiana Maslany of “Orphan Black." Top drama honors will go to “The Good Wife,” that rarest of quality network legal dramas, while Hugh Dancy’s best actor win will drive more viewers to “Hannibal.” But back in our dimension, TV’s most predictable shows will add trophies to their overstuffed cases. It pays to be the comfortable choice. (Awards air 7 p.m. Monday on NBC.)

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