Fringe Festival

Saturday at KC Fringe: An irreverent comedy and three short plays

Terrific comic performances by Kenna Hall, Melissa Fennewald and Ellen Kirk enliven the bare-bones acerbic farce “(Virgin.),” about a girl’s journey from childhood to adolescence. Meanwhile, “Girl on Girl” showcases the work of three local African-American playwrights, “Dueling Doulas” by Cynthia Hardeman, “To Bed” by Teresa Leggard and “Riding Backwards” by Michelle T. Johnson.

Performing Arts

Bollywood great Hema Malini dances in Johnson County

Once known as the “Dream Girl” of India, Hema Malini performed “Durga,” a traditional dance ballet about the mother-figure goddess, Friday at Shawnee Mission Northwest High School. Malini, who made more than 150 Bollywood films, is now a director as well as a member of the Indian Parliament.

Performing Arts