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Ravens’ Earl Thomas on facing Chiefs: ‘I plan on eliminating all the big plays’

Safety Earl Thomas had his bags packed earlier this year and was expecting a jet would be sent to pick up him and his family for a trip to Kansas City.

Thomas, who was a free agent, had a deal in place with the Chiefs but the Ravens made a last-minute offer so he made the switch to play in Baltimore.

Now Thomas really is coming to Kansas City, along with his Ravens teammates, for Sunday’s game against the Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium.

Thomas’ teammate in the Ravens secondary, Marlon Humphrey, talked to reporters this week about facing the Chiefs and some of quarterback Patrick Mahomes’ big plays from when the teams met last year.

Thomas was the victim of Mahomes’ no-look pass, which is ironic, because Humphrey was asked about defending it.

“The no-look pass? That actually started with me last year,” Humphrey said, “but the best way (to defend it) is just be close to your man and be locked in on your man instead of the quarterback.”

Humphrey was asked what was going through his head on that play.

“I just kind of fell off the man and I was just running with him, but I wasn’t really looking too much at (Mahomes),” Humphrey said. “The ball came out of nowhere, I’ll say that.”

Mahomes also had a 48-yard miracle pass to Tyreek Hill on a fourth-down play that helped the Chiefs stave off a defeat to the Ravens (Mahomes has called it his favorite pass).

Thomas told reporters in Baltimore that he doesn’t expect Mahomes to make a play like that again on Sunday.

“Luckily the Ravens have me playing free safety, controlling the deep end,” Thomas said. “I plan on eliminating all the big plays.”

Ravens cornerback Brandon Carr, who played his first four seasons with the Chiefs, told reporters the defense will be watching that Mahomes-to-Hill pass all week.

“It was a good play for them, like you said, you’ve got to always lock in and so that was just a reminder for us to see that on a film each and every day until game day,” Carr said. “It doesn’t sit well with you, so just 100 percent communication, guys just finishing the play You know you can never take a down off with these guys, so we’re locked in, we’re ready to go. New year, new team, see what the results will be.”

Although Hill is not expected to play, the Chiefs have a stable of fast receivers in Sammy Watkins, Mecole Hardman and Demarcus Robinson.

Humphrey’s father even is aware of the Chiefs’ speed.

“Those are all fast guys,” Humphrey said. “My dad just sent me a text that said, ‘You better have your track shoes on this week.’”

Carr believes the Ravens can step up to the challenge.

“We prepare for these elite-caliber quarterbacks and this team like the Kansas City Chiefs so we’re excited for the opportunity,” Carr said. “We’ve just got to cover until the whistle blows you know, extended downs 60 minutes, so it’s gonna take just bring your ‘A’ game, bring your lunch pail, bring your hard hat. Let’s rock ’n’ roll.”

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