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Wide receiver Tyreek Hill records thank you message for Chiefs fans

The season hasn’t gone as Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill would have liked because of an injury in the season opener at Jacksonville, but he remains grateful.

Hill on Tuesday shared a video on Twitter expressing his gratitude to the Chiefs organization, his teammates and the fans.

While not expressly mentioning his suspension earlier this year, Hill said: “I really didn’t start appreciating the game until I almost had the game taken away from me. That’s when it really clicked with me that I really needed to start being thankful for the things that I got in front of me.”

Hill’s collarbone was injured against the Jaguars, and he made special mention of Chiefs fans who supported him over the summer and after he was hurt.

“I’m very thankful for being in a great city like Kansas City, because there ain’t no fans like Kansas City fans, I promise you that. We’ve got the greatest fans in the world,” he said.

“So y’all keep doing y’all thing. Y’all keep showing up, because we need y’all. I promise you, you all are more important than what you think you are. We love you. I’m telling you this right now, every guy wants to make a big play because we want to hear you guys scream. Every guy wants to take it 70 yards, I promise you that.”

Hill ended with this message: “It’s time to chop some wood, baby and go win a Super Bowl.”