We want to hear from you.

This is an important election year in Missouri, and we need your input to help set the course of the conversation.


We are launching an important and long-lasting conversation between you and the leaders and influencers in our state: the Missouri Influencer Series.

You will be a crucial part of this conversation. We hope you will join us in keeping the dialogue focused on the policy issues that matter most.

So, how does it work? We'll ask you questions here over the next six months about what issues matter to you and the concerns and curiosities you have about public policy in your state. After you've weighed in, we'll hold a public vote to see what responses resonate most with our readers. Finally, we'll survey the influencers and bring them together for live public events to discuss solutions to the challenges you identify.

We asked our readers what issues matter most to them in Missouri this election year. We heard you and now we want to know which questions about taxes in Missouri is most important. This will help guide our coverage this year and help direct the questions we ask our influencers.

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