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Royals clubhouse attendant helps Indians pitcher get his drone out of tree at Loose Park

This is the drone in question.
This is the drone in question.

With time to kill before Monday’s game against the Royals at Kauffman, Stadium, Indians pitcher Trevor Bauer headed to Loose Park.

Bauer is a drone enthusiast, and it has rankled Major League Baseball in the past. But Bauer was flying his drone at Loose Park when he ran into a different kind of trouble.

The water balloons also failed to dislodge the drone, and Bauer was worried he wouldn’t be able to say hello to his little friend again.

Ah, but the Royals visiting clubhouse attendants came to the rescue. According to an story, the rescue party headed to Loose Park at 12:30 a.m. on Tuesday and get the drone free. And despite the ingenuity, raw force did the trick.

Bauer made a video about his adventure and said that the group first tried a fishing pole and cast into the tree. But the hook kept getting stuck in the tree. The next effort? The put screws into a baseball and added the fishing line.

That didn’t work either, so they simply decided to throw baseballs.

“Finally, just decided to throw a baseball at it,” Bauer said in a video he made of the escapades. “We all know how my command is. I was not able to hit the drone. I gave the ball to Adam, one of the visiting clubbies, and the first throw he was about an inch off. And the second one he nailed it, and knocked it out of the tree,didn’t even have to yank on the string.”

Bauer breaks down the entire recovery process here (apparently the rescue mission, um, injured the drone):

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