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Duke’s Grayson Allen leads the nation in tripping opposing players

There are a large number of sports fans who simply don’t like the Duke basketball team.

Some are jealous of the Blue Devils’ success. Others don’t like coach Mike Krzyzewski. Some are annoyed by the players who have worn the Duke jersey through the years: Bobby Hurley and Christian Laettner are two that spring to mind.

There’s a new contender for least-favorite Blue Devil: Grayson Allen.

The Duke sophomore tripped a Florida State player during a game on Thursday night. Watch the excellent placement of his foot as the Seminoles’ Xavier Rathan-Mayes tried to run:

The Associated Press story said that Rathan-Mayes appeared to grab Allen’s jersey before he was tripped. So it could have been an accident. However, it’s the second time this month Allen has tripped an opposing player.

This happened on Feb. 8 when Duke played Louisville:

Allen was reprimanded on Friday by the ACC for tripping Rathan-Mayes.

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