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Auburn running back hopes to play in NFL so he can help his ‘homeless’ mom

Peyton Barber
Peyton Barber

It’s that time of year: The NFL Combine has started.

In addition to the reading about 40-yard dash times, how many reps a player can do in weight lifting and how far these guys can jump, you’ll hear a lot of cliches. Things like “taking my game to the next level” and “challenging myself.”

But listen to former Auburn running back Peyton Barber. He’s hoping to get into the NFL for a much different reason:

Brandon Marcello of talked with Barber’s family, including his mother, Lori.

“Homelessness is a strong definition,” Lori Barber told Marcello. “Do I have a home of my own? I do not. Do I have a bed of my own? I don’t. Where we’re living is a little crowded, but we’re making it work. We’re taking our 50 cents and stretching it out to make it a dollar.”

That story is well worth a read.

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