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The top 10 most popular ‘For Pete’s Sake’ blog posts of 2015

Kansas State fans had some fun at the expense of KU fans.
Kansas State fans had some fun at the expense of KU fans.

And so we bid adieu to 2015.

It was a fantastic year for some (particularly Kansas City sports fans). Not so for others.

However, I want to thank everyone who stopped by the relatively new blog and read these stories. I found the top 10 most popular posts (based on page views) and they are presented again in case you may have missed something.

10. Indians pitcher Trevor Bauer was none-too-pleased with Royals fans who didn’t like that he had hit Kendrys Morales with a pitch. On Twitter, Bauer was only too happy to ridicule Royals fans.

9. The Taiwanese animation of Royals’ World Series victory over the Mets was, um, something unique.

8. The World Series champion Royals got their time on late-night television. Catcher Salvador Perez and first baseman Eric Hosmer went on The Tonight Show, and Perez drenched Jimmy Fallon.

7. After winning the American League Division Series, the Royals took to the field to celebrate and Jason Vargas’ child took a tumble when hit by Johnny Gomes’ child, who was being swung around by dad.

6. Remember that time that Toronto’s Jose Bautista pretended to throw a foul ball into the stands during the American League Championship Series against the Royals.

5. Jonny Gomes’ epic speech at Union Station was one of the highlights of the Royals’ victory celebration and parade.

4. Fox broadcaster Joe Buck is used to being criticized. Before the start of the ALCS, he had some fun with one particular dissenter in Kansas City.

3. For a very short time, people were utterly confused when the Royals were dropping the numbers 17 and 38 into conversations. Then the world learned the reason why.

2. In June, Royals first baseman Eric Hosmer and TV broadcaster Kacie McDonnell each posted photos to Instagram to announce that they were dating.

1. A group of Kansas State fans made a mock public service announcement in response to the court storming at Bramlage Coliseum after the Wildcats beat KU.

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