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Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes stars in two new DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket commercials

Will this mean the end of Peyton Manning as a spokesman for DirecTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket?

That’s unknown at this time, but quarterbacks Patrick Mahomes, Andrew Luck of the Colts and Dak Prescott of the Cowboys are all featured in new ads for Sunday Ticket.

Prescott was part of the campaign last year and he’s in a new commercial, while Luck is in one this year, and there are two spots with Mahomes.

In one of the commercials, Mahomes is taking an ice bath when he discusses the benefits of streaming NFL games via Sunday Ticket with a janitor, who would be fired if he really worked at the Chiefs training facility.

Here is that commercial:

The other is for a deal with college students and it shows Mahomes in the huddle at Arrowhead Stadium, which you can see above.

Can you spot the subtle difference in the uniforms the kid is wearing on the field and his couch?

These commercials came out last week and Mahomes’ Head & Shoulders spot was released Tuesday. Chiefs fans may see a lot of Mahomes during commercial breaks this fall.

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