For Pete's Sake

Chiefs fan alters Patrick Mahomes’ Hy-Vee commercial to troll AFC West rivals

No matter how you feel about that new Hy-Vee commercial featuring Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, a new version should make fans smile.

An intrepid Chiefs supporter made a few alterations to the original, which you can see above and features Mahomes throwing passes into the yards of his fictional neighbors.

In this new video, which was shared on Reddit, the footballs that Mahomes throw end up spoiling things for the rest of the AFC West teams.

There is a special message for all the people who say the Chargers will take the AFC West crown from the Chiefs this season. Oh, you should be able to spot Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers, too.

The video also pokes fun at the Patriots. If this doesn’t show up, you may have to click the link.

Ben Asmann of Overland Park created the video.

“It probably took me about three hours,” Asmann wrote in an email. “Initially, the plan was to use the scene where he hands the groceries out door to door, and make the groceries ‘L’s to signify handing out losses to the other teams. But as I played with the footage, I realized I could rearrange the order of the clips and dialogue, giving it a totally different message.”

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