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Chiefs’ Gehrig Dieter releases video showing workouts with Tyreek Hill

Last month, Chiefs wide receiver Gehrig Dieter was seen an an Instagram photo after completing a workout with Tyreek Hill.

On Friday, Dieter shared something more: a video of one of their workouts on his YouTube page. It was titled, “Let’s Be Great — Episode 1 Offseason Grind With Gehrig Dieter & Tyreek Hill.”

The video was posted hours after the NFL announced it would not be disciplining Hill.

In the video, the two are shown working on pass routes, lifting weights and playing basketball.

The video apparently was shot after the ESPYs because Hill mentioned the ESPN show after he threw an incomplete pass to Dieter.

“Hey, Pat, I’m coming for your job, man,” Hill said at one point. “Hey ... MVP, best player of the year, ESPY, I saw you the other night. Shout out to my boy Pat.”

Later Hill said, “Hey, put 1-5 on my back. That was a dime.”

Here is the video:

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