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Photographer hit by worst first pitch in history at Royals game ‘still got the shot’

White Sox photographer Darren Georgia never saw it coming. Then again, who among us would have seen this coming?

Georgia was on the field before the Royals’ game against the White Sox in Chicago on Tuesday night. He was tasked with taking a picture of the ceremonial first pitch.

A woman, who was identified by NBC Sports Chicago as a White Sox team employee, uncorked what may have been the worst first pitch in baseball history.

Too harsh? You decide:

Georgia was fine despite being plunked by the pitch. And he got the photo he needed:

Georgia talked with NBC Chicago about the pitch and was asked about being part of a viral moment.

“I never knew that this was going to be my 15 minutes of fame,” Georgia said. “Actually, Ron Vesely, the team photographer, said that out of the 35 years he’s done this, he’s never had that happen, so glad I could be the first.”

Here is the interview:

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