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Four Chiefs contests made this analyst’s list of top NFL games for 2019 season

The Chiefs schedule will be released on Wednesday night, but fans already know the opponents.

The Colts, Texans, Packers, Vikings, Ravens, Chargers, Raiders and Broncos will visit Arrowhead Stadium, while the Chiefs will have games at the Patriots, Titans, Jaguars, Bears, Lions, Broncos and Raiders. The NFL announced Wednesday that the Chiefs’ game against the Chargers will be played in Mexico City on Nov. 18.

Elliot Harrison of ranked the best 19 games of the 2019 NFL season, and four of those Chiefs contests made the top 11, starting with the Colts game at No. 11. That’ll feature Andrew Luck vs. Patrick Mahomes again.

At No. 8 was the Chiefs’ game at the Chicago Bears. Harrison wrote in part: “Matt Nagy owns unique insight into Patrick Mahomes’ career, considering he was the reigning MVP’s first offensive coordinator in the league and probably had much to do with Andy Reid feeling like he could move forward with the young quarterback.”

The Chiefs-Packers game at Arrowhead Stadium was ranked No. 6. Here is a snippet of what Harrison wrote: “This might be the lone time we ever see Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes go against one another. Rodgers will be closing in on 40 years old the next time the schedule allows for the Packers and Chiefs to play one another.”

At No. 2 on the list: the Chiefs-Patriots rematch. Harrison wrote in part: “If we are to really laser in on why the 2019 version could be special, start with the fact that the outcome could determine home-field in the AFC, especially with the balance of power unlikely to shift epically, at least not this season.”

You can read more of what Harrison wrote here.

As for the Chiefs games, which one(s) have you most excited? Use the interactive feature below and/or leave a comment.

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