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Chiefs’ Tyrann Mathieu roasts Stephen A. Smith over his Tiger Woods flip-flop

Tiger Woods: I did not know if I would play again

Tiger Woods says that he did not know if he would ever play golf again following his last back injury.
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Tiger Woods says that he did not know if he would ever play golf again following his last back injury.

Tiger Woods’ victory Sunday at The Masters set social media on fire.

Athletes, politicians and Hollywood actors all sent congratulations to Woods on Twitter, Nike released a special commercial on YouTube and fans serenaded him.

On Twitter, some people took note at the sports-talk hosts who doubted Woods, including Colin Cowherd, Jemele Hill and Shannon Sharpe.

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith received a good deal of criticism, too, particularly for his comments after Woods finished second at last year’s PGA Championship.

“Remember my words, quote me accurately: I never said that the man couldn’t play,” Smith said then. “I never said that he wouldn’t put forth a good performance. What I said was: is he going to win (another major)? The answer is no.”

After Woods won The Masters, Smith changed his tune and tweeted: “And if ever there was an athlete who personified perseverance, about overcoming trials and tribulations, it is @TigerWoods today. I never thought he’d win a major again. Now I think he’s gonna surpass him. HE’s the shark in blood-infected waters. Everyone else is the prey!#UhOh”

Chiefs safety Tyrann Mathieu was, to put it mildly, unimpressed for Smith’s mea culpa/hot take. Mathieu tweeted: “Smh... save it man!!! You was the first one to throw him down & drag him out...”

Someone asked why Matheiu would even acknowledge Smith’s past comments and here is the response:

Here is Smith talking about Woods’ chance at winning a major being over after a second-place finish at the PGA Championship:

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