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Here is that one perfect NCAA tourney bracket and who ‘Center Road’ sees winning next

This is a record that might never be broken.

One person has correctly picked every single game of the NCAA Tournament through Sunday’s games. That’s a perfect 48 for 48, which shatters the previous best of 36 correct picks to start March Madness.

According to the NCAA, a user named “Center Road” hasn’t missed a game in this year’s tournament. “Center Road” has gotten off to a perfect start in the NCAA’s Tournament Challenge game, and no one in the ESPN, Yahoo, CBS Sports, Fox Sports or Sports Illustrated games can boast that.

“Center Road” hasn’t been identified (yet), but this is her/his bracket:

Here is who “Center Road” has picked to win the Sweet Sixteen games:

Gonzaga over Florida State

Tennessee over Purdue

Michigan over Texas Tech

Virginia over Oregon

Michigan State over LSU

North Carolina over Auburn

Duke over Virginia Tech

Kentucky over Houston

The Elite Eight games:

Duke over Michigan State

Gonzaga over Michigan

Kentucky over North Carolina

Virginia over Tennessee

The Final Four games:

Gonzaga over Duke

Kentucky over Virginia

The National Championship game:

Gonzaga 77, Kentucky 71

Think it’s unlikely that’s how things will play out? Well, how does your bracket look? “Center Road” is doing better than you at this point.

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