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After Patrick Mahomes crushes it at Topgolf, he says there is a sport he can’t master

As quarterback Patrick Mahomes continued doing amazing things on the field during the Chiefs season, videos surfaced on social media that showed him thriving at baseball and basketball as a kid.

Mahomes was once a star in those sports, too, and this week he revealed the ability to hit a golf ball a long, long way.

A Twitter video shared by Mahomes showed him crushing golf balls at a Topgolf site this week in Orlando, Fla., where Mahomes will take part in the Pro Bowl.

Here is the video of Mahomes taking batting practice (as he put it):

Is there any sport that Mahomes can’t play? As a matter of fact, there is one.

The Kansas City Mavericks tweeted this to Mahomes:

While Mahomes would probably unleash a wicked slapshot in hockey, he said he can’t skate:

The Mavericks had the perfect response:

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