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Map shows most of the U.S. is rooting for Chiefs to win AFC Championship Game

Don’t let Patriots receiver Julian Edelman hear about this.

The sports gambling site analyzed geotagged Twitter data across the country and determined which team in the AFC Championship Game had garnered more support from people in each of the 50 states.

In a whopping 43 states, the Chiefs were the team fans want to win. The Patriots received support in the New England area and Michigan, where quarterback Tom Brady went to college.

This is what is known as a landslide.

Here is the map:

AFC rooting.jpg

I’m guessing Chiefs fans love seeing that map with the big logo in the middle.

Edelman, who made a hype video that highlights the Patriots’ underdog status, will likely see this as more fuel for his fire.

If you think there is a chance of faulty data, look at this poll from SB Nation, which asked fans who they most wanted to lose this weekend:

So it seems that a lot of people outside of Kansas City will be pulling for the Chiefs on Sunday.

As for the NFC Championship Game, the sports betting analysis shows the nation is rooting for the Saints:

NFC map.jpg
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