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Even Amazon’s Alexa is pulling for the Chiefs in the AFC Championship Game

Last week, Amazon’s home assistant Alexa correctly picked 75 percent of the winners for the NFL playoff games.

That included a correct prediction on the Chiefs game.

Naturally, Alexa made picks for Sunday’s championship games, and Super Bowl LIII will be a Saints-Chiefs matchup if this forecast comes true.

Alexa said: “As much as I want the Rams to win and represent the NFC West, the Saints will go marching into the Big Game. For the AFC championship, the Patriots are consistently good during these big matchups. However, the Chiefs are going to send those Super Bowl hogs back to Boston. Go Chiefs!”

That’s right, Alexa said, “Super Bowl hogs” and “Go Chiefs!” This will probably only fuel the Patriots’ ridiculous claim of being underdogs.

You can hear the picks in the video above.

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