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Fox Sports radio host: It’ll be too cold for Chiefs fans to be loud on Sunday

Let’s face it, “arctic blast” is two words you never want to hear.

Oh, perhaps in August, that’s OK. But in the middle of January, that’s bad. And, as Chiefs fans know, that’s what is on tap this weekend for the AFC Championship Game at Arrowhead Stadium.

Temperatures potentially will be in single digits* for the game between the Chiefs and Patriots, and Colin Cowherd of Fox Sports believes that gives New England an advantage for a few reasons.

*Some good news: The National Weather Service is now predicting a high of 18!!

One of Cowherd’s reasons: quarterback Tom Brady’s history. Cowherd said Tuesday that Brady is 13-2 in games with inclement weather. Cowherd also believes the Chiefs’ passing game and speed would be hurt by the cold.

The third argument about the weather helping the Patriots will likely make Chiefs fans chuckle. Or mad. Or maybe both:

It’ll be too cold for Chiefs fans to be loud.

“Here’s another one ... don’t kid yourself, noise is an element, just like snow,” Cowherd said. “There’s a lot of different elements. There’s wind, there’s rain, there’s snow, there’s noise. The Superdome is a big advantage this week for the Saints, because it’s loud and you can’t audible.

“Arrowhead is considered one of the loudest stadiums in America, college or pro. It’ll be 9 below. Everybody’s going to be wearing a ski mask. People aren’t going to be standing and cheering. They’re going to be huddled, wearing wool, trying to stay warm, wearing something over their mouths. Home-field advantage via the crowd: done.”

Yep, he said Arrowhead is one of the loudest stadiums.

Here is the clip:

And if you want to see the entire argument on the weather, it is here:

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