When Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes goes out these days, planning and caution are the keys

How did the world change for a quarterback who went from zero touchdown passes in one season to 50 and the NFL MVP award the next?

For Patrick Mahomes, it wasn’t by avoiding the spotlight. He hit the Final Four and Stanley Cup Finals among other appearances in the spring. But Mahomes was already crashing events and gaining attention after his rookie season when he played in only one game.

Mostly, what changed is the amount of planning that went into the offseason visits in Kansas City and elsewhere. For Mahomes, it was worth the effort.

“I love to still do it, I love to go out and be a part of the community and part of all the different sporting things that Kansas City provides,” Mahomes said. “I just have to plan it a little bit better. I call ahead. When I go to dinner or when I go out to a game, I call ahead and figure out ways to get in and out.”

Mahomes spoke of his celebrity and many other topics during an interview with The Star’s Chiefs beat writer Brooke Pryor, columnists Sam Mellinger and Vahe Gregorian and reporter Blair Kerkhoff recently.

Many of comments are included in stories that appear in The Star’s football section, Football 2019: Trophy Hunters. It will appear in Sunday’s editions of The Star. Those stories are currently posted on The Star’s website,

Mahomes tells how he anticipates play calls by Andy Reid; reveals the outcome of a three-point shooting contest with former Dallas Mavericks star Dirk Nowitzki; takes us through the backstory of selecting Steinberg Sports & Entertainment as his agency; and explains the lessons learned from the AFC Championship Game loss to the Patriots.

The Star has thoroughly covered the franchise’s first MVP, including all of the endorsements and commercials that have taken Mahomes’ profile to a place not shared by any athlete in Kansas City’s pro sports history.

We also wondered how celebrity has changed his life.

Jaguars Chiefs Football.jpg
Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes has been working on his flex appeal with trainer Bobby Stroupe for years. Every offseason he seems to return to camp a little more fit. AP photo

“I’m still able to see people and do all those different things,” Mahomes said. “But I don’t want to make it ... sometimes when I go to games I don’t want to make it about me. I want to make it about getting the fan experience and being a part of the community and being like everyone else.”

Some things have changed since last season.

“It was still a little bit of a point where people would notice me,” he said, “but nowadays it’s gotten a little crazier where people are making a line (for) autographs or pictures. And I’m totally fine with that.

“But I remember when I went to my dad’s T-Bones game, I kind of like for it to be about the people it’s supposed to be about and not about me, as much as possible.”

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