Special Reports

Special Reports

Kansas City Zoo: Penguins

For the first time in more than 50 years, the Kansas City Zoo will feature an exhibit full of penguins. Four different species will inhabit the zoo's new $15 million exhibit — its most expensive undertaking yet.

Special Reports

Small town strong: the story of Overbrook, Kan.

Pundits have been writing America’s small-town obituaries for decades, yet towns hang on for reasons that seem hazy from a distance. So a Kansas City Star reporter spent much of the year in a small Kansas town to see what keeps small towns going in 2013. What he discovered included poultry swaps, volunteer fire fighters and coffee at the BP.


Star reporters discuss their investigation into firefighter fatalities

Over the last two decades, hundreds of firefighters were killed and tens of thousands injured in incidents that bore a grim connection: They had happened before in almost exactly the same ways. Nationwide, in tragedy after tragedy, firefighters pa