Man shot by police in Northland is charged in stabbing, was hit with stun gun 3 times

I-35 Antioch exit closed in KC after officer involved shooting

Kansas City Police were involved in an officer involved shooting, officers at the scene said. The Antioch exit at Interstate 35 in the Northland is closed due to the police activity.
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Kansas City Police were involved in an officer involved shooting, officers at the scene said. The Antioch exit at Interstate 35 in the Northland is closed due to the police activity.

A Kansas City man who was shot by police after he allegedly brandished a knife at officers responding to a stabbing Friday in the Northland has been charged with assault, court records show.

Robert Luckinbill, 35, was charged in Clay County Circuit Court with two counts of second-degree assault and two counts of armed criminal action. He was in stable condition Saturday night after an officer shot him Friday, police said.

The shooting occurred about 4:30 p.m. Friday at Interstate 35 and Antioch Road.

Capt. Tim Hernandez, a Kansas City Police Department spokesman, said police were initially called to the area after receiving a report of a person injured in a stabbing. That person was in stable condition Friday.

While responding to the call, officers came across a male suspect allegedly carrying a knife near the underpass. Police ordered the man to let go of the knife, and tried to take him into custody but were unsuccessful, police said.

“Officers made numerous attempts to get the individual to comply with their orders to drop the knife. They even attempted to use less lethal force with the deployment of a Taser,” Hernandez told reporters Friday. “These efforts failed.”

Luckinbill was struck by a Taser three times as police tried to control him, a detective wrote in court records.

The man at one point “turned on one of our officers and brandished the knife,” Hernandez said. At least one officer shot Luckinbill at the southwest corner of Antioch Road and I-35, near Domino’s Pizza, he said.

Luckinbill was shot in the chest, according to court documents. He was in critical condition when he was taken to a hospital.

A box cutter was found near Luckinbill’s feet, court records showed. A detective indicated it was in Luckinbill’s hands throughout the encounter.

No officers were injured.

In an interview with police, the stabbing victim said he was trying to sleep when the suspect, later identified as Luckinbill, began speaking with him, according to court documents. He told Luckinbill to “shut the f--- up,” which lead to a fight, he told police.

The two wrestled. He then felt something against the back of his neck and heard Luckinbill threaten to cut him with a knife, he told detectives. He struck Luckinbill in the face, knocking him away, and left the area on a bicycle, according to court documents.

The stabbing victim planned on heading to North Kansas City Hospital but stopped at a fire station. He was taken to the hospital in an ambulance, court records show. He had cuts on his left arm but told officers he did not know how the injuries occurred.

Detectives at police headquarters showed the victim a line-up of Luckinbill and five other people, described as “fillers.” He chose Luckinbill, according to court documents.

Luckinbill did not yet have an attorney listed in public court records who could be reached for comment.

A detective in court records called Luckinbill, who he described as homeless, a threat to the community, saying he had a proven history of failing to appear in court.

Previous encounter

The shooting Friday was not Luckinbill’s first run-in with police.

In October 2015, police were sent to a duplex in the 4100 block of North Jackson Avenue, where Luckinbill had reported people were trying to kill him. He refused to open the front door to arriving officers, who later described him as seeming delusional.

Officers heard glass break when Luckinbill shoved a metal bed frame through a window of the house, according to court documents. A sergeant asked for extra officers to respond.

Luckinbill was then seen on the duplex’s second floor holding a lighter fluid container and shouting, “I’m gonna get an arson charge out of this,” court records show. He poured out the liquid and lit it with lighter, causing a flash, police said.

Two men on the first floor of the duplex walked outside during the incident, and tactical officers escorted them to safety, according to court documents. Luckinbill returned to a window, lighting a piece of paper on fire, court records show.

A sergeant fired a “less than lethal round” at Luckinbill, police wrote. In a probable cause statement, police said it was unclear if he had been hit but the shot caused him to drop the paper and lighter out of the window.

Nearly four hours after officers were called to the duplex, Luckinbill came out and was taken into custody.

Luckinbill later pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor of attempting reckless burning. He was sentenced to 120 days in jail for the incident.

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