‘What I did disgusts me’: Man who raped JoCo deputy sentenced to more than 50 years

Johnson County DA happy with sentencing of man who raped a sheriff’s deputy

Stephen Howe, Johnson County District Attorney, is satisfied with the 55-year sentence handed down to Brady Newman-Caddell for kidnapping and raping a Johnson County sheriff's deputy.
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Stephen Howe, Johnson County District Attorney, is satisfied with the 55-year sentence handed down to Brady Newman-Caddell for kidnapping and raping a Johnson County sheriff's deputy.

An Independence man who pleaded guilty to kidnapping and raping a Johnson County sheriff’s deputy has been sentenced to more than 50 years in jail.

Brady Newman-Caddell, 24, was sentenced to 660 months, or 55 years, in jail on Friday. The sentencing comes months after he attempted to withdraw his guilty plea in Johnson County court.

The sentence is the maximum sentence allowed by state law. It is double the sentence recommended in normal sentencing guidelines for the crimes of rape and kidnapping.

“There are no words to describe how dangerous this defendant is,” said Judge Brenda Cameron while delivering the sentence. “I must ensure that no other women are victimized.”

Newman-Caddell pleaded guilty last year to charges of rape, kidnapping and sodomy.

His co-defendant, William Luth, was sentenced last year to 41 years and three months under the terms of a plea agreement.

Newman-Caddell apologized for his actions at his sentencing on Friday.

“What I did disgusts me,” he said. “I’ll spend the rest of my life regretting what I did.”

His attorney, Trey Pettlon, asked that Newman-Caddell be sentenced to 250 months, about 20 years, for his crime.

According to previous court testimony, Newman-Caddell and Luth allegedly ambushed the deputy while she was getting out of her car before her shift.

They then blindfolded the deputy and took turns raping and sodomizing her while they drove around, eventually letting her go near Lee’s Summit, according to testimony.

Johnson County District Attorney, Stephen Howe, said that Newman-Caddell’s history in sexual assault and domestic violence as well as his demeanor during the assault of the deputy showed that he deserved a larger sentence than his accomplice.

“We feel like, as our one expert indicated, he poses a threat to women moving forward in the community as well as women in the penitentiary,” Howe said after the sentencing.

Both men were also charged in the February 2016 rape of an Independence woman.

“Luth was the brawn,” Howe said during the hearing. “Newman-Caddell was the brain behind this.”

Throughout the assault, Howe said, Newman-Caddell was calling the shots and manipulating the deputy so he would appear to be a sympathetic figure.

The deputy and an Independence woman Newman-Caddell and Luth allegedly raped in 2016 each testified at the hearing.

The deputy did not recount the events of her attack.

Instead, she spoke of the way her life had changed since she was attacked. She said that though the attack “wasn’t the highlight of (her) life,” it has led her to advocate for victims and understand the fragile nature of life.

“I’m forever grateful to have been your last victim,” she said. “You will no longer hurt anyone.”

Taylor Hirth, the victim in the Independence case, gave her victim impact statement for what she said was not the first or the last time.

She said she was asleep with her daughter by her side in an Independence apartment when she woke up to a man’s hand over her mouth and was raped and sodomized repeatedly while her daughter watched.

Taylor Hirth, Independence, Mo., who was raped by Brady Newman-Caddell, talks about his sentencing for kidnapping and raping a Johnson County sheriff's deputy. He was sentenced to 55 years in prison Friday.

“They don’t tell you about this in horror movies,” she said. “Maybe you’ll wake up and the devil will be standing over you.”

Hirth said her life was uprooted by the assault. She and her daughter moved and she said she “sleepwalked” through a year of her daughter’s life as she worked through the legal system and her own emotional fallout from the attack.

Her 6-year-old daughter, she said, is still afraid to sleep alone and use the bathroom at night.

“She was only two and a half when she held my hands in the worst moment of my life,” Hirth said.

Following the sentencing, Hirth said she was relieved that, regardless of what happens in her case, Newman-Caddell will spend a long time in jail.

Luth pleaded guilty to raping Hirth and was sentenced to 30 years for the crime. Newman-Caddell’s case is still pending.

William David Luth, 24, of Blue Springs, and Brady Allen Newman-Caddell, 21, of Independence, were charged in 2018 in Johnson County District Court with two counts of rape and single counts of aggravated kidnapping and aggravated sodomy.

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