Dashcam video offers better picture of Grandview police shooting, Highway Patrol says

Neighbor's video shows Grandview police shoot man outside home

A neighbor's video shows Grandview police shooting Larry San Nicolas outside his home Sunday, July 1, 2018.
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A neighbor's video shows Grandview police shooting Larry San Nicolas outside his home Sunday, July 1, 2018.

The son of a man who was fatally wounded by Grandview police said Wednesday that a short video shows the victim wasn't posing a lethal threat to officers when he was shot.

But the Missouri Highway Patrol said Thursday that a more complete dashcam video exists of the incident, taken from a patrol car at the scene. That video has not been publicly released. The patrol is investigating the shooting.

Frank Arceo is the oldest son of Larry San Nicolas, who was shot by Grandview police Sunday as he brandished a sword outside his home in the 6000 block of 148th Terrace.

Arceo said Wednesday that the video taken by a neighbor across the street shows San Nicolas was not posing a lethal threat to the police officers.

The Grandview police referred calls about the incident and the video to the Highway Patrol.

On Thursday, Sgt. Bill Lowe of the Highway Patrol said someone had sent him a link to the short video and he was aware of it. But he said it doesn't provide a complete picture of incident, and a more complete video was taken by the dashcam of a patrol car at the scene.

That dashcam video is part of the patrol's investigation of the incident, and is not yet available to the public. The patrol's investigation is expected to take two to three more weeks, as officers study autopsy results and review witness statements and other information, Lowe said.

The results of the investigation will then be turned over to the Jackson County prosecutor's office for a determination on whether any charges should be filed.

Arceo and his family have questioned why the Grandview police needed to shoot his father.

"His arms were up the whole time," Arceo said of the incident. "He was not threatening the officers. There was distance between him and the officers, and they were behind cover."

San Nicolas, 60, was diabetic and having a manic reaction because he needed insulin, his family said. His wife, Jessie San Nicolas, wanted police to come with paramedics and help him, as they had done over a year ago when she called 911 for assistance.

But when officers arrived about 2:40 p.m. Sunday, Larry San Nicolas came out the side door of the house and down the driveway with a sword over his head. Two officers stood poised behind a Jeep Grand Cherokee parked across the driveway. Other officers were stationed behind a Grandview police vehicle about 20 yards to the east.

An officer behind the police vehicle fired beanbag shots to try to stop San Nicolas, witnesses said, but he continued to advance. Then an officer behind the Jeep fired several live rounds. San Nicolas died Sunday night at a hospital.

Arceo lives across the street and had tried to run to his father's house to keep him inside, but officers holding the family back wouldn't let him intervene with his father. Arceo said Wednesday the family wanted the neighbor's video released so people could see what happened.