KC cable, internet providers restoring outages as another Chiefs game, snow storm loom

Kansas City area cable customers beware: This weekend brings another big Chiefs game and another big winter storm with the power to knock out your service, again.

ATT U-verse, Google Fiber TV, Comcast’s Xfinity and Charter’s Spectrum all heard from disconnected Kansas City-area customers during the Jan. 11-12 winter storm that dumped 11 inches of snow in some parts of town.

AT&T said its television and cable services were “running normally” Tuesday. At least some area Google Fiber customers continue to go without Fiber TV and internet service. A statement Google Fiber issued Tuesday said it would be several days before all customers would be restored to full service.

Just in time for round two.

The Chiefs play the New England Patriots Sunday evening for a spot in the Super Bowl. By that time, however, rain and snow are expected to have hit the Kansas City area along with temperatures diving into single digits Saturday night.

Both days will be “blustery” as well, according to the National Weather Service forecast.

“I’m just hoping they’re on top of their game,” Kansas City resident Tim Rule said of his cable provider.

He’d lost Spectrum cable service after the Chiefs game against the Indianapolis Colts on Saturday and didn’t see it again until Wednesday morning.

“I hope and pray I won’t miss the game Sunday,” Rule said.

Last weekend’s storm piled up so many cable and internet outage calls that even customers who escaped the weather’s harshest blows were hit hard all the same.

Brianna Wilson of Independence dropped the f-bomb on Twitter during the Chiefs-Colts game. U-verse had told her it could “send someone” out the next day.

“ARE YOU SERIOUS RIGHT NOW?!” her tweet also said, followed by three red-faced emoji with curse-word symbols over their mouths.

Wilson said the storm had knocked out power in her area for perhaps a half hour. When it came back on, her U-verse service did not.

She had an old router and it stopped working with the power disruption, Wilson said. U-verse now is expected to come by Thursday, hopefully restoring her cable and internet services before Sunday’s game.

Wilson is also a federal worker furloughed by the partial government shutdown that has left thousands of federal workers in the Kansas City area without work and without pay for four weeks.

“It’s kind of miserable as it is,” Wilson said of life without home entertainment. “It’s not like I have money to go out and do stuff.”

Other cable customers’ problems included the widespread power outages the Kansas City area suffered as a result of the storm. Work crews naturally focused on areas where power was in place so that restored cable and internet services could function.

Google Fiber told some customers that the weather and power outages were impeding its effort to make repairs.

Power outages also meant some consumers didn’t know they’d lost cable or internet services until their electricity had been restored.

Google Fiber said its crews also needed downed trees and other damage to be assessed before they could work on restoring service to some customers.

Spectrum acknowledged “pocket outages” in the Kansas City area and said most were related to lost power or damage to Spectrum’s lines.

With another storm on the way, Spectrum was bringing extra technicians and equipment in from other areas.

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