Westwood restaurant ready to expand next door, add Thai rolled ice cream, spirits shop

The owners of Lulu’s Thai Noodle Shop in Westwood want to expand next door.

If all goes as planned with the zoning application, the freestanding blue bungalow would house a Thai rolled ice cream and spirits shop.

Dennis Baughman and Malisa Monyakula purchased the building, at 2707 W. 47th St., when they bought the Lulu’s building.

It had previously served as storage unit for an auto repair shop. The couple has since upgraded it for commercial use.

“We’re going to do the Thai rolled ice cream, probably some scooped ice cream as well, and spirits,” Baughman said. “We would have it open in the summer and then in the winter for special events.”

They also would put a lighted arrow on the southwest side of the building to direct customers to Lulu’s.

Lulu’s Thai Noodle shop opened in the Crossroads in 2001, and the Westwood location opened in 2014.

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Joyce Smith has covered restaurant and retail news for The Star since 1989 under the brand Cityscape. She appreciates news tips.