California group to open neighborhood restaurant and bar with ‘upscale feel’ in Waldo

For more than 25 years, Tanner’s Bar and Grill was a neighborhood mainstay in Waldo.

But now California-based Broseph’s Restaurant Group has leased the space at 7425 Broadway for a new neighborhood restaurant and bar, but one with an upscale feel. It is scheduled to open in March after a remodeling.

BRG partner Travis Lester has relocated to the area with his wife, Gina, and the couple also are expecting their first child in March. A company chef, Laurent Saussy, also has relocated to Kansas City and will plan the menu for the new restaurant.

Lester said they just signed a lease Tuesday so still haven’t selected a name.

“I think the Waldo area in general is becoming more foodie,” Lester said. “The other restaurants are doing fantastic work there and we’re excited to be part of that community.”

Tanner’s closed in October.

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BRG also has three restaurants in the Los Angeles area and two in Mexico. In August, it purchased Chappell’s in North Kansas City. BRG is keeping Chappell’s memorabilia — more than 10,000 items and hundreds of helmets on display — but is upgrading the menu with more fresh ingredients and new items such as fried chicken and waffles and chicken pot pie.

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