Deep Background: KCP&L will soon become Evergy. Here’s what that means for you

KCP&L and Westar are expected to officially become Evergy in October.
KCP&L and Westar are expected to officially become Evergy in October. KCP&L

Correction and clarification: Black Hills Corporation is not the parent company of KCP&L, or Evergy. Evergy will have approximately 1.6 million customers, with a little under 1,000,000 in Kansas and 600,000 in Missouri.

Energy companies KCP&L and Westar are set to merge and are expected to officially become Evergy next month. On this episode of The Star’s news and politics podcast, reporter Steve Vockrodt joins hosts Dave Helling and Leah Becerra to talk what the merger means for you.

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For further reading:

KCP&L’s note: We will soon become Evergy

(Published 2018) Goodbye Westar Energy and KCP&L, hello Evergy

(Published 2017) Regulators deny proposed $12.2 billion merger of KCP&L and Westar

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