July 20, 2014

The Monday Poll: What do you think about immigration reform?

The political debate over reforming the nation’s immigration laws took an unexpected turn in recent weeks as some 57,000 refugees, mostly young people, from Honduras, Guatemala and Nicaragua began showing up along the nation’s border with Mexico.

The immigration wave created what’s been viewed as a humanitarian crisis, overwhelming our border security officers and creating a stirring photographic backdrop of children in need of care, comfort and legal clarity. Many of the children were sent on their northern journey to escape increasingly dangerous gang activities in their home countries.

So the complications are boundless, especially given President Barack Obama’s declaration that he would take any executive action he could, in the face of inaction by the Republican-controlled House of Representatives, to fix a system in need of repair.

The president also has called on Congress to provide $3.7 billion in emergency funding to help address the border crisis.

We’d like to hear from our readers on some of the key questions surrounding the current crisis and immigration reform in general.

Please register your opinions on the following questions. Cast your answers by the end of the day (midnight) on Monday. And you’re welcome to elaborate in the Comments sections. Mobile users, click here to take the poll.

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