H&R Block promises changes, cancels traditional December tax season preview

The Kansas City-based tax preparation company said it wants to remain focused on halting its loss of customers after suffering its worst season in years. Canceling the December meeting with analysts also means rivals won’t get a hint at the fundamental marketing and other changes the tax preparation company has planned. Block also reported revenue losses in its seasonally slow first quarter, which ended July 31.


Best way to get a federal contract? Be working with the feds already

North Carolina small businesses and other companies across the country have been struggling to obtain federal contracts because the government’s contracting officers favor companies that have long-standing working relationships with the government. Congress has developed a plan to fix that problem and is moving toward putting it in action.

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Putting glamour on the road

Richard Kitzmiller takes orders for the cars from customers all over the world and is one of only a few custom builders of vintage race cars. There are some shops making Cobras, he said, but Scarabs are harder to come by because their production was so limited in the first place.


Hospital, hepatitis C outbreak victims reach settlement

Trinity Health and its hospital in Minot have agreed in principal on a legal settlement with 21 victims of the largest hepatitis C outbreak in recent U.S. history, though Trinity's legal fight with a nursing home where most people were sickened will continue.


White House weighs in on EpiPen pricing

In a White House Press Briefing on Thursday, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said some pharmaceutical companies have been innovators committed to advancing public health, and others have jacked up the prices of life-saving medicine — a poor business model, which takes a toll on the business' reputation and stock prices.
The White House
White House weighs in on EpiPen pricing 2:59

White House weighs in on EpiPen pricing

Taking on the LLC tax exemption in Kansas 2:27

Taking on the LLC tax exemption in Kansas

KC Needlepoint in Waldo 1:15

KC Needlepoint in Waldo

High rents in KC cripple the poor 4:08

High rents in KC cripple the poor