Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art floats its latest plans for expansion

Kansas City’s Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art is taking its case for expansion to museum neighbors and members. It particularly needs better office space and is looking to expand into houses it owns across 45th Street from the museum. It’s also working with the city and others interested in developing a cultural arts district stretching east from the Country Club Plaza.


Waldo’s KC Needlepoint is the dream of two women, stitched together

Waldo’s KC Needlepoint has been open a year and offers a diverse selection of hand-painted canvases, including Kansas City sites like Arrowhead Stadium and The Scout. Customers can take a break from their smartphones and socialize while making stockings and ornaments, pillows and seat covers, belts, baggage tags, handbag, key fobs and more.


Sprint customers have fewer problems, survey says

J.D. Power and Associates ranked wireless carriers based on service problems experienced by 43,300 consumers. Verizon customers reported the fewest problems, but Sprint customers had fewer than AT&T or T-Mobile customers in most regions of the country, according to the report.


Shareholder votes set on $8.6 billion utilities merger

Owners of Kansas City-based Great Plains Energy Inc. and Topeka-based Westar Energy Inc. will vote next month at simultaneous meetings in the companies’ respective headquarters cities. The proposed merger also faces regulatory reviews. Missouri regulatory staff are in talks with Great Plains.


White House weighs in on EpiPen pricing

In a White House Press Briefing on Thursday, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said some pharmaceutical companies have been innovators committed to advancing public health, and others have jacked up the prices of life-saving medicine — a poor business model, which takes a toll on the business' reputation and stock prices.
The White House
White House weighs in on EpiPen pricing 2:59

White House weighs in on EpiPen pricing

Taking on the LLC tax exemption 2:27

Taking on the LLC tax exemption

KC Needlepoint in Waldo 1:15

KC Needlepoint in Waldo

High rents in KC cripple the poor 4:08

High rents in KC cripple the poor