Attorneys fees ruling comes in ‘hot fuel’ case

A federal judge approved $18.9 million in attorneys fees Tuesday in class-action “hot fuel” cases filed against gas stations that did not account for the expansion of gasoline in warmer temperatures. The cases stemmed from reporting done in 2006 by The Kansas City Star.


The Star hires Pulitzer winner to head editorial board

Colleen McCain Nelson, who was a summer intern at The Kansas City Star in 1995, will return this fall as vice president of the newspaper’s editorial board. She received a Pulitzer with two others for their editorials at The Dallas Morning News and currently covers Hillary Clinton’s campaign. The Star also is hiring Eric Nelson, her husband, to head its digital operations. For both, the move from jobs in Washington, D.C., marks a return to roots.


Lost-luggage problem is getting better, slowly, at airports

Advances in technology and bag-handling procedures deserve credit for a decline in wayward luggage, including improvements over the years in the bar-coded tags and optical scanners that have long been in use for identifying and sorting checked luggage. But optical-scanning systems have their limits, and the airline industry has been slow to adopt methods used by other industries that need to track items through the shipping process.


High rents in KC cripple the poor

Bridget Hughes shows her tiny Kansas City apartment where her family of six live. Rents across Kansas City have spiked in the past year with the highest increases occurring in what had been areas with the lowest average rents, meaning that low income renters are feeling the greatest distress. Video by: ALLISON LONG |
High rents in KC cripple the poor 4:08

High rents in KC cripple the poor

Live tweeting by Kansas City police catches on 2:21

Live tweeting by Kansas City police catches on

One city, one flag 2:22

One city, one flag

Priorities For KC East Side Development 1:26

Priorities For KC East Side Development