Sprint updates executives’ pay, showing big stock deals

CEO Marcelo Claure and five others stand to collect millions of Sprint shares if the stock price can reach $8 and stay there for several months. Other disclosures include Claure’s aircraft use and relocation costs for Sprint’s internationally recruited executives.


Chipotle plans to open burger restaurant

A spokesman for the chain, Chris Arnold, said in an email Thursday that the company’s first Tasty Made burger restaurant will open in this fall in Lancaster, Ohio. Chipotle says the menu will be limited to burger, fries and milkshakes.


Sprint to reclaim some employees as Ericsson contract ends

Sprint’s chief technology officer John Saw wrote in a blog post that only parts of the network deal with Ericsson will be extended when it expires in September. It means some employees will return to Sprint’s payroll. When the deal was struck, about 6,000 Sprint employees, including 2,000 in the Kansas City area, essentially switched to Ericsson, but Saw and the company are offering no indication of how many jobs would return.


Crawford Architects wins Minnesota Vikings job

Kansas City-based Crawford Architects will design a new practice facility and headquarters for the Minnesota Vikings. Crawford will team with Minneapolis-based Kraus-Anderson Construction Co. to build the project, which is scheduled for a March 2018 opening.


Resume tips to win the system’s love

Most large and midsize employers use applicant tracking systems — software applications that help wade through the applicant pool to find the best-qualified job candidates. Job hunters need resumes that match the top keywords in job descriptions in order for the computer system to rate the application highly enough for human eyes to follow up.


Clinton roars against Trump as a hacking distraction arises

Fresh off a spirited convention, Hillary Clinton told prospective voters Friday they face a "stark choice" in November and pressed ahead with the scalding rhetoric against her Republican rival that marked many of the speeches in Philadelphia. Another distraction arose, however, as her aides acknowledged that a hacking attack that exposed Democratic Party emails also reached into a computer system used by her own campaign.


Female mosquitoes suck blood, spread Zika virus

Stephen Higgs, director of Kansas State's Biosecurity Research Institute, explains how female mosquitoes spread the Zika virus. The institute in Manhattan, Kan., is currently doing research into Zika.
Keith Myers
Female mosquitoes suck blood, spread Zika virus 2:47

Female mosquitoes suck blood, spread Zika virus

Copier explodes in colorful cloud 2:02

Copier explodes in colorful cloud

Meet the neighbors: Sprint welcomes employees new to Kansas City with a party 2:30

Meet the neighbors: Sprint welcomes employees new to Kansas City with a party

Veolia plant goes 'green' in downtown Kansas City 1:03

Veolia plant goes 'green' in downtown Kansas City