No photos: Parents opt to keep babies off Facebook

At a time when just about everyone and their mother — father, grandmother and aunt — is intent on publicizing the newest generation’s early years on social media sites, an increasing number of parents are bucking the trend by consciously keeping their children’s photos, names and entire identities off the Internet.


Outspoken son often eclipses younger sister

My wife and I had the too-rare opportunity for some two-on-one time with our daughter recently, while her older brother, Otis, spent a couple of days with his cousins. Rosey was a delight. She barely whined, was sweet and engaging, and we enjoyed long, convoluted conversations, most of which I understood. She colored constantly, flipped through her favorite books and regaled us with imaginative tales made up on the spot. She sang songs from her favorite TV show, "Peppa Pig," and recited lines from recent cinematic releases, with "I like watching you sleep," from "Planes: Fire and Rescue," which Rosey says in her "kweepy" voice, an oddly endearing favorite. But the real treat for our Ro Ro seemed to be that all of this fun came without the constant interruptions of her older brother.


Easy ways to find your pregnancy groove

Pregnancy is an epic time in a woman's life - especially with a first pregnancy. With all the advice and recommendations from well-meaning friends and family, remember this is your pregnancy and it will be unique to who you are. Don't get caught up in comparing your experience to those of your friends. Though pregnancy can be difficult at times and you may not always be feeling your best, find ways to enjoy this special time and prepare for your sweet baby. Here are a few tips to help you find your groove and enjoy your pregnancy:


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