Update: Oak Grove couple raise $2,000 for infant loss project

After losing their son Liam, Jamie and William “Andy” Anderson are helping others cope by donating care packages to Kansas City-area hospitals.


Lori Borgman: 'Close-captioned' open to interpretation

I enjoy other people's typos, not in a gloating sense, but in the sense that it lets me know I am not alone. I keyboard fast and make a lot of typoes. (Yes, that was deliberate. Just checking to see if you're tracking.) I probably spend 20 percent of my keyboard time backing up to make corrections.


Living with Children: Time for a time-out

For several reasons, I am not a fan of parenting magazines. First, they reinforce the impression that child-rearing is a very complicated affair, requiring consulting with "experts" on a regular basis (and yes, I am fully aware of the irony of that statement). Second, with every issue, said publications raise the Good Mommy Bar by giving women (their nearly exclusive consumers) more things to think about and more things to do. Third, they often render conflicting information and advice. Fourth, the advice they dispense is often just downright bad.


7 family-friendly ideas to have the best 4th of July ever

Still looking for fun ideas for the 4th of July holiday? We found some surefire wins for the whole family, from an Independence Day-themed movie night to a National Parks' inspired road trip to a read-loud book club and beyond. We encourage you to get the kids outside, but as you're mapping out your weekend, you don't have to ban screens entirely. Not only do they offer entertainment, but they can also offer loads of learning opportunities. Set reasonable limits that allow for family time and other important activities, and incorporate media and tech in ways that bring the family together.


Game review: 'WipEout Omega Collection,' three fantastic futuristic racing games for PlayStation

Parents need to know that the "WipEout Omega Collection" brings the futuristic and combative racing game "WipEout HD," its expansion "WipEout Fury," and its sequel, "WipEout 2048" to the PlayStation 4. But while players get to use guns, explosives, and futuristic devices to knock their competition out of the race temporarily, there's no blood or gore. There's also no inappropriate content, even when you're the one getting temporarily knocked out of the race. The game does feature online competition, during which conversations between players isn't monitored.


App review: Three Good Things: A Happiness Journal, simple, free app helps kids – and adults! – increase positivity

Parents need to know that Three Good Things – A Happiness Journal is a very simple, free journal app that enables users to record three positive experiences every day. Each entry is limited to 100 characters or less. Created by a teenager, the app is based on brain research that suggests focusing on positive moments daily can increase happiness. Users can "level up" every time they add a daily journal entry, share their entries on Facebook or Twitter (sharing is optional), gain experience points, view previous entries, set a custom notification, and more. Note: At the time of this review, this app did not have a posted privacy policy.


Tips for creating super secure screen names and passwords

Make sure kids come up with strong passwords and know never to share them. If kids need to write down passwords to remember them, consider writing down password hints, and store any written-down passwords or hints in a super secret place away from the computer. Consider using a password manager such as LastPass, which keeps all your passwords in one place.

Movie News & Reviews

Movie review: 'Transformers: The Last Knight,' unsatisfying sequel is big on explosions, short on everything else

Parents need to know that "Transformers: The Last Knight" is the fifth installment in Michael Bay's big-budget franchise based on the popular Hasbro toys. This one, like the other "Transformers" movies, will likely appeal most to middle-school kids interested in explosive action and crass jokes. Violence is loud, constant, and leads to both Transformer and human deaths (mostly during battle sequences. There's also an upsetting fight sequence between Prime and Bumblebee that nearly leads to one of their deaths. While there's only one kiss (and some hand holding), you can expect plenty of racy jokes and innuendo about sex/celibacy. Language is frequent and mostly along the lines of "s--t" and insults ("d--khead," "a--hole," "b--ch," etc.). Despite the added diversity of a teen Latina character, many of the Decepticons' vocal performances still seem based in racial stereotypes, and the overwhelming majority of the characters are white.



Oak Grove police officer rescues baby born on I-70

In June 2016, Oak Grove police officers William "Andy" Anderson and Bob Marshall helped a woman who had given birth in a car parked on an I-70 exit ramp. In the officers' dash cam video, you can hear Anderson resuscitate the baby while Marshall assists the mother and another child who was in the car.
Oak Grove Police Department
Oak Grove police officer rescues baby born on I-70 5:57

Oak Grove police officer rescues baby born on I-70

Dad customizes kids' cars to the Mad Max 2:11

Dad customizes kids' cars to the Mad Max

Meet the newest Muppet on 'Sesame Street,' a resource for autism awareness 1:08

Meet the newest Muppet on 'Sesame Street,' a resource for autism awareness

Jim Cosgrove, 'Mr. Stinky Feet' sings his signature tune 2:06

Jim Cosgrove, 'Mr. Stinky Feet' sings his signature tune