Author Malcolm Gladwell tells David-and-Goliath stories in Kansas City visit

Gladwell said that surprising ideas arise when you look deeper into the stories of underdogs who prevail and favorites who fail. The event in Helzberg Hall at the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts, a conversation with Rainy Day Books’ Vivien Jennings, kicked off Ink’s Middle of the Map Fest Forum, which continues Thursday and Friday.


Provocative author Malcolm Gladwell strives to spark discussion, not win fans

Wednesday in Helzberg Hall, the author of “Outliers,” “The Tipping Point” and “David and Goliath” will scrutinize the premise of “desirable difficulty,” which explains why seeming disadvantages (such as dyslexia) are frequently endured by people who’ve achieved enormous triumphs. The event kicks off Ink’s Middle of the Map Forum.

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