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Slam poetry community to open Wordshop space

Young writers will have a place in the Crossroads Arts District to learn, grow and establish their own identities in September when the KC Wordshop opens at 2010 Baltimore Ave. in the Crossroads Arts District. It will allow young people to harness the power of language year-round.


‘Humans Are Underrated’ gives empathy and feelings their due

Geoff Colvin’s “Humans Are Underrated” serves up two different books in one, each interesting in its own right. The first offers an overview of recent developments in smart software and artificial intelligence. The second and more original message is a take on the human abilities that will remain important in light of growing computer efficacy.


Losing your mind? ‘Let’s Be Less Stupid’ treats it with humor, quizzes

In this slim, bright-pink volume, Patricia Marx, a New Yorker staff writer, sets out to uncover why her brain does not appear to be working as speedily as it used to. The problem is acute: “Indeed, sometimes, when I look for my glasses while wearing my glasses, I think, ‘My, my, it’s going to be a very smooth transition to dementia,’” she writes.

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