‘Chasing Shadows’ details Richard Nixon’s pre-presidential dirty trick

Taut and laden with touches of humor, “Chasing Shadows” mainly seeks to highlight the importance of the 1968 Chennault Affair to Richard Nixon’s later undoing. Ken Hughes argues that Nixon put a monkey wrench in President Johnson’s peace talk initiative and then when in office began talking of burglaries to secure information on the talks that could help him deal with political enemies, real or imagined.


‘The Nixon Defense’ shows how guilty the 37th president was

One of the men who broke the Watergate case give high marks to John W. Dean, one of Richard Nixon’s White House lawyers in the scandal, for a 700-page book, “The Nixon Defense,” that pulls together all the taped Oval Office conversations for the first time. Those Watergate discussions leave no doubt of the president’s malfeasance.


Full of nostalgia, Lewis Buzbee’s ‘Blackboard’ calls for education reform

Recalling our own classroom experiences should raise questions, such as shouldn’t many of our kids today deserve their own “good old days” in the classroom? Lewis Buzbee’s new book, “Blackboard: A Personal History of the Classroom,” is filled with sunny reminiscence of times past, but is also a rallying call to help current and future learners.

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