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Paul Rudd appeared on ‘The Rich Eisen Show’ in a full Royals uniform

On "The Rich Eisen Show" in 2016, Paul Rudd wore a full Royals uniform, except for the stirrups.
On "The Rich Eisen Show" in 2016, Paul Rudd wore a full Royals uniform, except for the stirrups.

Paul Rudd has been making the rounds in support of the movie, “Captain America: Civil War.”

Rudd, the Shawnee Mission West graduate who stars as Ant-Man, was part of a Twitter campaign for the movie. He was on Jimmy Kimmel with other stars from the movie.

On Tuesday, Rudd was on “The Rich Eisen Show.” He showed up in a full Royals uniform and mentioned that he got the jersey from his mom as a birthday gift.

Rudd likes the Royals’ chances again this season.

“I love the team,” Rudd said. “They just never give up. Only now are people even talking about them and saying, ‘Oh, these guys are good.’ They weren’t even projected to make the playoffs last year, even though they were in the World Series the year before.”

Rudd mentioned that Kansas City sports teams are used to being overlooked, and it started a funny exchange.

“Chiefs, Royals, Sporting KC,” Rudd said. “We wear that as a badge of honor.”

Eisen: “Did you just go soccer on me?”

Rudd: “I’ll go soccer. I’ll throw out a Besler or a Dom Dwyer.”

Eisen: “Those are words. I wasn’t prepared for that.”

Rudd: “I’ll see your Dwyer and raise you a Zusi.”

Eisen: “See, I have no notes for that, Paul. I have no notes for Sporting KC.”

Rudd also made a mention of the Monarchs, how he’s never watched “The Wire,” and that his favorite Worlds of Fun ride was the “Zambezi Zinger.”

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Eisen turned the conversation to football at one point and Rudd admitted that he was dismayed by the clock management at the end of the Chiefs’ playoff loss to the Patriots.

He also rattled off the the names of the Chiefs’ backup quarterbacks: Tyler Bray and Aaron Murray.

“Alex Smith is, I think, he is a winner and he’s a smart quarterback and I’m a fan of his,” Rudd said. “I’m glad he’s our QB.”

Oh, and you may want to appropriate the name of Rudd’s fantasy baseball team: “Kuntz!”

Why was Rudd wearing No. 42?

“I’m just a big Mariano Rivera fan,” Rudd joked. “No, I love Jackie Robinson.”

You can watch the entire interview here:

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