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Fan makes video to celebrate accomplishments of Kansas City pro teams

On Tuesday, we can say baseball starts next month.

If you look back to the last day of February in 2015, it’s been an amazing year. That’s not just for the Royals. It goes for the Chiefs, Sporting Kansas City and FC Kansas City.

Kansas City sports fan Bryndon Minter made a video that nicely recaps what is arguably the greatest year for professional sports in the city’s history.

Before getting to the video, this is a quick note to announce a contest. We’re looking for the best Royals hype video ahead of the 2016 season. The winner will receive the 2015 World Series Blu-Ray from Major League Baseball.

The rules are simple: upload your video to YouTube and email a link to me. The top three videos will be used in The Star’s video player and shown ahead of the start of the 2016 season. Easy, right?

Here is that video from Minter:

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