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Watch referee walk off in protest during soccer game in Germany

What recourse did referee Felix Zwaye have?

Zwaye showed a red card to Bayer Leverksuen Roger Schmidt during a game Sunday against Borussia Dortmund, according to a story in The Mirror. Schmidt didn’t leave the sideline as he is supposed to, so Zwaye walked off the field.

Take a look (from Los Expulsados’ Twitter account):

I’ve watched a lot of soccer in my life but have never seen that before. The Mirror reported there was a nine-minute delay and that Schmidt eventually did leave the field. The referee returned and the game continued.

The reason for the coach’s anger? Dortmund was awarded a free kick, but took the kick 5 yards in front of where the foul happened. That led to the game’s only goal as Dortmund won 1-0.

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