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Meet the Royals fan who got a tattoo of Danny Duffy … in the bear suit

A Royals logo simply wasn’t going to be enough for Andrew Wade.
A Royals logo simply wasn’t going to be enough for Andrew Wade.

After watching the Royals win the World Series for the first time in his life, Andrew Wade wanted to do something special.

Mission accomplished.

Wade, 27, decided on a tattoo. Of Danny Duffy. In that bear suit.

“Well, when the Royals won the World Series I knew I had to get something and I didn’t want to get just the logo with world champs or whatever,” Wade wrote via Twitter. “Johnny Gomes got a tattoo after one of the championships (in) Boston and I sort of decided to go for a Royals version of that. And the Danny Duffy bear suit is one of my favorite elements of the Royals run. So I kind of went with that as the focal point.”

Wade lives in Dodge City, Kan., and got it done last week at a local establishment. He was going to get the new design earlier, but skipped one appointment to watch the Chiefs’ playoff game in Houston. You’ll note that there is more than Duffy in the bear suit.

The Royals logo is there with the years of their two World Series titles, along with the U.S. flag (remember Gomes’ speech?) and the numbers 1738, which had special significance last season.

“The reaction has been mostly pretty positive from everyone, save for some non-baseball fans who were mostly just confused,” Wade wrote. “But one of my other tattoos is a tomahawk with a slice of pepperoni pizza instead of the blade part, so my friends are pretty used to me being kind of ridiculous.”

As for the bear suit, Danny Duffy said at FanFest that “It’s in hibernation.”

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