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Royals’ Drew Butera was upstaged by a puppy at FanFest

Drew Butera with Sinatra
Drew Butera with Sinatra

You’d think it would be nearly impossible for a Royals player to go to a public place and find anonymity, but catcher Drew Butera did it.

And it was at FanFest of all places.

Butera’s trick: Carry a puppy. During FanFest on Friday, Butera spent time at the Wayside Waifs booth signing autographs. But before that, he grabbed a 7-week-old puppy named (Frank) Sinatra and took a stroll.

Some people stopped for a look at the dog, then noticed it was Butera. Not that he cared.

“This is the star of the show,” Butera told one group of fans.

Butera is a dog lover (his pup is named Bella). When he was with the Twins, Butera helped promote the “Law of the Paw,” which was designed to limit pet homelessness, according to

“This is really dear to my heart, it’s close to my heart, and I love animals, especially dogs,” Butera said at FanFest.

“It’s unfortunate that so many animals have to go into shelters like this, but because of the great people that work at places like this and organizations that allow them to adopt them to get adopted, they find many great homes.”

Full disclosure: I have donated money to Wayside Waifs in the past.

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