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As part of #MuteBuck movement, you can listen to Royals fans call World Series

Fox broadcaster Joe Buck
Fox broadcaster Joe Buck File photo

It’s one thing to complain about something that bothers you. It’s quite another to do something about it.

Adam Jones of Kansas City does not like Fox announcer Joe Buck, particularly since he’s calling Royals playoff games.

So Jones started a petition to get Fox to remove Buck from broadcasts, and Buck interacted with Jones on Twitter.

But Jones wasn’t done there.

He’s calling the World Series games himself. Jones and Patrick Marriott, who are Royals fans, are broadcasting the game, which they are watching from their office in Kansas City. Their call of the game is available by clicking here.

All you have to do, of course, is mute Buck and the Fox broadcasts.

“We’ve loved doing it,” Jones wrote in a Twitter message. “It’s wonderful turning what was kind of a negative petition into a positive movement. We have had a blast doing it and have had thousands of listeners with the promise of even more tonight.”

Kyle Haas, who is with, said listeners will be able to interact with Jones and Marriott during their broadcast and they will answer questions

It will be an “interactive listening experience that is one part sports broadcast and one part sports talk radio,” Haas wrote in an email.

Their broadcast begins at 7:07 p.m. on Tuesday when Game 1 of the World Series gets started.

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