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Win or lose, K-State’s Bill Snyder is still sending notes to opposing players

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No hard feelings, right?

Kansas State football coach Bill Snyder was surely disappointed that the Wildcats lost a halftime lead and fell 52-45 to TCU at home last Saturday.

That didn’t stop Snyder, a serial letter-writer, from penning a note to TCU quarterback Trevon Boykin.

Oklahoma State kicker Ben Grogan received a note from Snyder after kicking a game-winning field goal that beat the Wildcats earlier this month.

Last year, Snyder sent a note to West Virginia quarterback Clint Trickett, who suffered a concussion when the teams met.

“Well, I’ve got to do something,” Snyder told the Associated Press last year. “You’re in an office 24 hours a day, so you find something to do. But I do write a great deal of notes.

“It’s to players that I believe performed well,“to young people that I believe have the right approach, the right attitude about their lives, about college football.”

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