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Dustin Colquitt flagged for intentional grounding on this botched field-goal try

Maybe the Tennessee Titans are like kryptonite for the Chiefs.

Andy Reid, the Chiefs coach, has beaten all 32 NFL franchises twice with the exception of the Titans. And funky things seem to happen when the Chiefs play the Titans.

In 2016, the Chiefs blew a two-touchdown lead and lost 19-17 on a last-second field goal on one of the coldest games in Arrowhead Stadium history. A playoff game after the 2017 season featured two weird “forward progress” calls and Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota throwing a touchdown pass to himself.

On Sunday, the Chiefs lost 35-32 despite dominating for long stretches of the game. The Chiefs led by five with 1:27 to play and lined up for a 46-yard field goal attempt.

However, long snapper James Winchester appeared to snap the ball too quickly and holder/punter Dustin Colquitt wasn’t ready. He threw the ball away and was called for intentional grounding.

It’s safe to say that an intentional grounding call on a punter is a rarity, but that’s what happened. Here is the play (video from Twitter user FTBeard11):

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