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Jeff Allen calls injuries to Chiefs offensive linemen ‘string of unfortunate events’

During the early part of the Chiefs’ game Sunday against the Titans, former Kansas City offensive lineman Jeff Allen was tweeting about the action.

Allen noted Tennessee’s defense needed to tighten up or Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes was “going to throw for 1100 yards.”

He also praised CBS announcer Tony Romo for his work in the broadcast booth.

When Mitchell Schwartz and Martinas Rankin were injured on consecutive plays, Allen apparently was watching.

Allen, who was released by the Chiefs on Oct. 3, tweeted: “What a string of unfortunate events damn.”

Allen, who has appeared in 58 games in six seasons for the Chiefs (including four this season), is currently a free agent and a number of fans hoped he’d return to the team. This is a small sample:

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