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Kurt Warner expects big things from Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes upon his return

No decision has been made, but it’s clear Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes’ return from a dislocated kneecap is coming soon.

Mahomes was injured three weeks ago during a game in Denver and hasn’t played since. But coach Andy Reid said Wednesday that Mahomes would get more work in practice this week.

So it seems possible that Mahomes will play in Sunday’s game against the Titans in Nashville, Tennessee.

The next question is will Mahomes show any rust in his return? Hall of Fame quarterback Kurt Warner was asked that Wednesday on the NFL Network.

Warner believes Mahomes will be back to his MVP form.

“With the knee injury and with the extent that it can linger on, I would say that initially I would be tempered in my expectations. But then you think back, this guy was back on the practice field the next week after the injury,” Warner said. “So I’m telling myself, ‘He’s not going to be able to go out and be Patrick Mahomes, he’s not going to be able twirl around and go left and go right and spin around and then drop a dime from 45 yards away, is he?’

“But then at the same time I’m like, ‘well, I’m not going to put it past him.’ This guy always does something special, including being out there much sooner than I thought he would. So if they’re putting him back out there earlier than expected, I have to believe he’s going to be close to 100%. So I’m not going to temper my expectations at all. If he goes back out there, I will not be surprised if he does special, Patrick Mahomes type stuff.”

That should be encouraging to Chiefs fans.

Here is the clip:

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