For Pete's Sake

Kevin Harlan provided funny play-by-play of a cat on the field at Cowboys-Giants game

Kevin Harlan may be the most underappreciated sports announcer working today.

Who else can simultaneously provide play-by-play of an NFL game and a black cat that ran on the field? Harlan did just that and worked in a sponsor’s name as the cat made its way to the end zone during Monday night’s Cowboys-Giants game at MetLife Stadium.

Harlan, a KU grad who has a house in Mission Hills, has amused fans with his calls of a fan invader during a boring NFL game, an NBA spectator who spilled his beer and his Angry Whopper promo call.

On Monday night, Harlan again made fans chuckle with his call of the runaway cat.

During the Cowboys’ 37-18 win over the Giants, the cat made its way onto the field and found its way to the end zone. Play was temporarily stopped, but fans got a kick out of it:

This is how Harlan described the action in his radio call:

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