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Kevin Harlan with another great call — of a fan spilling beer at NBA game

Broadcaster Kevin Harlan will work the Chiefs’ first game.
Broadcaster Kevin Harlan will work the Chiefs’ first game.

Kansas Citians take pride in a number of things: barbecue, Patrick Mahomes, great museums and, of course, barbecue.

We should really add sports announcer Kevin Harlan to that list.

Harlan, a KU grad who lives in Mission Hills, is equally adept at broadcasting NFL and NBA games, and he’s even made a fan running on the field into one of the great calls in recent memory.

On Thursday night, Harlan added to his list of non-traditional calls during the Celtics-Bucks game.

Former KU star Marcus Morris dived for a loose ball and landed in the crowd where a fan’s beer was spilled. That’s when the fun began.

Harlan’s call: “Morris into the crowd, spilled the beer. ... Morris is dripping with beer. Pabst, Old Style or something. Schlitz, maybe. Who knows? He’s just soaked in beer. It’s in the guy’s hair! It’s in the guy’s hair! ... Beer is everyplace. The Miller High Life spilled on the floor.”

Twitter user Jeff Eisenband shared this:

Here is more of Harlan from TNT:

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